Gutter Cleaning throughout Durham

Gutter Cleaning throughout County Durham

Here at Gutter Clear Durham we give our customers a first class gutter cleaning service that is affordable and reliable. Our friendly and experienced team are dedicated to providing you with the best services that can be provided in gutter cleaning throughout the Durham area.

Although it is thought that gutter cleaning should only be done before the winter season, it is actually something that can be done all year round and allows you to be confident in the fact that your roof line is in perfect condition whatever the weather, especially as the weather in Durham can be harsh and with the bad conditions that can be expected you can sleep safe knowing that your roof is in good condition.

As a home owner in Durham you may want to try and clean the gutters yourself, we would NOT recommend doing this at all. From a safety point of view having someone untrained 25ft high up a ladder is very dangerous, other than safety, another risk is that you could damage your gutters further. If you haven't been trained in gutter clearing or repair you will not know what signs to look for, so could miss something that needs urgent repair. Our team will not only clean your gutters in a very safe way but also carry out a health and safety check first.

Although gutter clearing may look like a simple task that could be done by anybody, it is actually a lot more complex and without the correct understanding and equipment which our team possess, you can risk injury or further expenses by missing the signs of repair in which our team is trained to deal with.

First of all you will get a visit from our site surveyor who will then assess your property, measure the guttering and check to see what level of safety equipment is required for your gutter clean, this first visit is completely free, after this assessment we can then provide you with a quote, if you then wish for us to proceed with the work we then work with you to make sure we can carry out the work to suit you and we will appoint an operator to you who can work around your schedule.

During the summer season we are able to carry on working much later into the evening therefore allowing those who have commitments during the day to be available to have their gutter cleared, no matter where you live in the Durham area, at a time that is suitable for you. We also offer our services at weekends, therefore if weekdays aren’t suitable for you we are available to work on both Saturdays and Sundays.

Call or email for a FREE quote on any gutter cleaning not only in Durham City but throughout the entire County Durham area