UPVC Clean in Durham

UPVC Cleaning throughout the North East

Is your UPVC looking tired, do you feel your home would benefit from our UPVC restoration service?

If so give us a call here at Gutter clear NE based in Durham. We are specialists in UPVC cleaning and repair. We are a professional company that will come out to your property and carry out a thorough inspection before carrying out any work. Our team are always in uniform and we work to high health and safety regulations.

Gutter Clear NE have built up a very good reputation throughout Durham for our superb customer service and excellent level of work. The high results we achieve is partly down to good quality chemicals we use, all the them are trade recommended and should only be used by professionals who are qualified to use them safely.

UPVC cleaning could be just what your property needs to give it that lift to the exterior. If your home is for sale or let in Durham, then clean UPVC will show that the house is well looked after and it is a job they do not need to do immediately, this is a good selling point.

By having Gutter Clear NE clean your UPVC and regularly check for damage will dramatically decrease the risk of potential damage in the future, damaged UPVC in Durham can cause massive problems that could see costs run into the thousands if not caught in time and properly repaired. A cracked fascia could lead to leaking into the interior of your home, and lets be honest the last thing any of us want is internal damage. We will never be able to change or predict the weather in the North East so we must prepare for it and make sure our homes have the best chance of withstanding it.

UPVC cleaning can cover a multitude of aspects including:-

For a personal quote suited to your properties exact needs give one of our friendly team a call today at our head office or Durham office on 0191 303 7663.