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Why do you need to clean your UPVC in Sunderland?

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When your UPVC products such as, window frames, doors, fascias and soffits first get installed they look immaculate. Unfortunately over time there appearance will start to deteriorate, this is due to our local weather here in Sunderland as strong winds, rain and snow battering against your home will start to show over time.

Another thing that will show is the mold, algae and fungus, this is the green dirt that builds up along the window sills and door frames. Most people believe giving their UPVC a good blast with a power washer will clean and that it, job done, this is not the case. High pressure water could damage your UPVC further and won’t remove ingrained dirt.

These reasons are exactly why you should put your trust in us here at Gutter Clear North East in Sunderland and we will make sure that your UPVC looks immaculate and as good as new whilst taking the utmost care to make sure that no damage will come to your UPVC and that we leave your home in Sunderland knowing that you are more than happy with how clean your UPVC look.

Gutter clear NE provide a complete UPVC cleaning service which includes:

We can clean any UPVC you have including...

We have been cleaning UPVC in Sunderland for many years and have a lot of happy customers that we look after time and time again. Just check out the testimonials on the home page to see what our lovely customers have said.

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Recent UPVC Cleaning work in Sunderland

Here at Gutter Clear we understand that when cleaning UPVC that we also need to be very careful. That is why we are the best choice for UPVC cleaning in Sunderland, where we have had a few UPVC cleaning jobs lately. We like to make sure that when we clean UPVC that it is absolutely sparkling when we leave and we also like to be sure that we have created complete customer satisfaction as this is very important to us. Thanks to the work we have done in Sunderland lately we have had a lot of recommendations which means we must be doing something right!